Bruno Felipe

The sound I’m playing currently is sertanejo universitário which is on high demand in Brazil right now, working alongside two northern artists, where I am developing a beat that mixes the “vanerão de goiais” an our tradicional forró beat, which has been very succesfull using my Orion cymbals.

My Cymbal

I am using the mainstream cymbals line that have the perfect timbre for the rhythm I play, which is tradicional forró. This line has a shiny sound and at the same time a subtle one perfect for many rhythms, such as pop, rock, funk and jazz. It is a very versatile series. I play with a 14″ hi hat, 16″ crash ,20″ ride, 18″ swish and 6, 8 and 10″ splashes. Besides that, I also play with the Revolution and Solo Pro series, which are cymabals with a more explosive sound and precision. Thanks to Orion Cymbals, best partnership ever.

Setup Orion

Hi hat 13″ –  MS
Crash 16″ –  MS
Crash 17″ –  MS
Ride Crash 19″ –  MS
Stack 1- splash 10″ Revolution Pro em cima e  Mini China 11″ Solo Pro em baixo
Stack 2- China 16″ Solo Pro em cima +  Crash 17″ Revolution Pro em baixo
China 18″ – X10