Camilo Mariano

“My sound comes from this diversity of rhythms with which I lived in the beginning of my life.

I could not read the score, I learned all listening to the recordings. I did cover of all the great drummers of that time.

Arriving in Rio de Janeiro, I had to face the samba. I heard the recordings of all the Masters: Wilson das Neves, Bituca, Milton Banana, Boogeyman, Fernando Pereira, Jorge Gomes (RJ), Aladdin, Rogan (Fundo de Quintal) and several others.

From all this learning I was finding my own way of playing a wide variety of styles that was required.

But you do not learn to play a style just listening to our instrument. It is essential to know how to listen, understand and interact with all others who are involved in the same sound. “

Meu prato

” I played with Elba Ramalho for more than 10 years and I was presented with a kit B8 cymbals of Orion at the beginning. We got along so well that we became inseparable. I was excited, because I was playing with a Brazilian product . Then to realize that they were manufactured by a very serious and vibrant company. Everyone prided up by the sound of each unit. Based on these observations I accepted the proposal of sponsorship to represent the brand.

Today we are enjoying with joy our B20 and B10, achievements earned by all who passed through the company, and is the result of the current administration that took advantage of all the previous ideas and turned them into a winning one.

The Orion cymbals, to me, does not only mean a sponsorship, but also a product for which I take great pride in. ORION IS MY TRUE SOUND. “

Setup Orion

Hi-hat 13”-  Celebrity
Hi-hat 13″ – MS
Crash 17”- Celebrity Vinte
Crash 16”- Celebrity Vinte
Crash 18”- Celebrity Vinte
Ride 20” – Celebrity Vinte
China Crash 14″ – MS
China Crash 14″ – MS
China 18″ – REV 10
Special China 18″ – Celebrity Vinte