Lulu Batera

Acting as sideman in the Pernambucan scene, and having as main influences the Rock, Blues, Heavey metal and funky / soul, I created my language starting from its more sub-styles and techniques.

Meu prato

My dishes were chosen based on the need to have a versatile kit, meeting my expectations in shows and recordings. At the confluence of the X10, MS, and Rage Bass series I found the perfect balance of Tradition, with powerful and explosive timbres.

Setup Orion

1- O kit que eu uso para tocar músicas mais pesadas:

Hi Hat 15″ – X10
Crash 16″ –  X10
Crash 17″ –  X10
Crash 18″ –  X10
Mega Bell Ride 21″-  X10
China 18″ – Rev 10

2 Kit com pratos que eu uso para trabalhos mais variados, como: Pop, blues, funk e etc…

Hi hat 13″ – MS
Crash 18″ –  MS
Crash 19″ –  MS
Ride 20″ –  Bex
Ride 20″ – Viziuss
Crash China  14″ – MS
China 18″ –  Rage Bass

Pop Rock
3 o kit que eu venho usando nas noite e bares, locais que eu não posso ter muito volume.

Hi Hat 14″ – WS
Crash 18″-  WS
Ride 20″  – WS