Neto Antunes

I have been a professional musician for more than 17 years. I currently live in Manaus, AM, where I work as drummer and producer of events. In my curriculum I have more than 80 recorded albums and 13 DVDs. In the educational area, I have already taught drums classes in Escala and Riffs schools, and today I am owner of QG Drums, where I teach classes and courses focused on teaching music.
I have already done more than 40 workshops in several states, among them Amazonas, Pará, Roraima, Acre, São Paulo. I am the organizer of several workshops and events such as the Manaus Drummers’ Meeting, and the last one mentioned is going to the 4th edition in the city of Manaus.

My Cymbal

By developing works in different musical segments, I need cymbals that are quite eclectic too,which Orion Cymbals gives me with its various series. I use the series, X10, Revolution 10, Mainstream, Revolution Pro, and the Celebrity vinte, which is a top of the line model, in which I have a refined and clean sound with treble harmonics in the right measure, and together enable me to transit between various styles.

Setup Orion

Hi hat 14” – Solo 20
Crash 17” – Rev 10
Crash 18” Rev 10
Ride 20”  – Solo 20
Stack formado por splash 10” – MS e Splash 8” – MS
Swish 18” –  MS