Paulinho Sorriso

My first contact with the drums was in 1984, at age 16. In 1986 I started to be part of local bands in my city, Osasco (Center of the Earth (Hard-Rock), Sentinel Group, Banda Numa). In a series of small works with Jorge Cordeiro (Studio 188 Bar), he took me to the team of 3×0 band support at the Caipiródromo in Embu, Greater São Paulo.

In 1992 I joined the support band of Jamaican singer Gabrielle Harban (Reggae) sharing experiences with: Rosa Morena (Axé), Marcio Boesen (MPB), CIA Coro & Corpo (Reggae), Max Fairbanks (MPB) and others.

The experience with Gabrielle Harban provided the opportunity to tour Jamaica in 1994 (Mutual Jazz Basement, Ian Cameron Trio & Far in Band, Angel, Karen Smith, JCLodge, Tyrone Downie (Bob Marley’s keyboardist), Glenn Brownie ), Maurice Gordon (guitarist Jimmy Cilff), Peter Ashborne, Stella Louis, Gladiator and Might Diamonds.

In 1966 he returned to Brazil: Gabrielle Harban, Kaliman Band, David Hubbard, Caribbean Steel Pan All Stars, Ubaldo Waru, Keré Axé Band, Cobra Saliva, Ravel and Ravel, Good Times, Billie Soul Band, Nasi and Blues, Kathie Mckee (ex-backing vocal of Ray Charles), Junior Marvin (ex-guitarist of Bob Marely), SECT, Caliber 12 (blues), Sergio Duarte & Entity Joe.

In the beginning of the years 2000: Luis Marcondes, Ully Costa originating in 2003 the Band Sandália de Prata with indication to the Prize of the Brazilian Music Valley in 2010 as best Disc of Samba and yielding shows with special Participations of Elza Soares, Jair Rodrigues, Nereu (Trio Mocotó), Marku Ribas, Jair Oliveira, Balance Club, Luis Vagner, Rappin Hood, Emicida, Ellen Oléria, Bebeto and others.

Also in 2010 I joined the Chicago Blues band Giba Byblo’s. The great acceptance of the project generated the opportunity to bring to Brazil the iconic Jimmy Johnson, in two opportunities (2013/2014), Shirley King (2012/2013/2014), Jon Mcdonalds (2013), Toronzo Cannon (2014) .Fernanda Coimbra , NOAUGE (2016). Currently the agenda has Baby La Barba & Cúmlices Shows as well as Giba Byblo’s Band.

Meu prato

I alternate my cymbals so they match the characteristics above – versatility and personality. I am an enthusiast of the lines Mainstream, Bex and Celebrity 20 because they pair elegance with aggressiveness when required by my works with Sandália de Prata and also with the bluesy groove of Giba Byblo’s.

Setup Orion

Hi-hat 14″ –  MS com bottom FLEX 14″ WS
Crash 18″ –  WS
Crash 19″ –  MS
Ride 20″ –  MS
China 18″ – MS