Alex Curi

I was born in a musical environment where my father had a room full of instruments and records. I grew up listening to Rush, so I fell in love with big kits and obviously Progressive Rock took over! As a teenager I started listening to a lot of heavier bands, and today in my work, I apply this fusion of influences. My playing style is not that aggressive, but I try to keep a strong footprint without hitting the instrument.

My Cymbal

The MS line is the sum of beauty with versatility! When I met these dishes I was sure they would be my main. I currently do a rotation of models depending on the work, but basically they are the MS and the Celebrity Twenty. My favorite is the 20 “Crash MS Control, a very versatile plate that serves perfectly like Crash in heavier music.

Setup Orion

Control Crash 18″ – MS

Ride  20″ – Celebrity Vinte

Hihat  control 14″ – MS

Control  Splash 10″ – MS

Splash  6″ – MS

China Crash 12″ – MS

Crash16″ – Celebrity Vinte

Splash 08″ – Celebrity  Vinte

Splash 08″ – MS

Hihat 13″ – Celebrity Vinte

Control Ride 20″ – MS

Control Crash  16″ – MS

Mini China 11. 1/2″ – Solo Pro

Hihat 13″ – MS

Control Crash 17″ – MS 1

China Special 18″ – Celebrity Vinte

China Crash 16″ – MS