Alfredo Maranha

Drummer, educator, researcher of Brazilian rhythms, as well as a transcriber of many works of the Brazilian popular music, he was born on March 04th, 1971, in the city of Brejo in the state of Maranhão.

Antônio Alfredo Lourenço de Sousa (Alfredo Maranha) is a self-student drummer motivated by a great passion for music that was naturally started in your life when he was still a child hitting his grandma Joana’s pans.

At the age of 16 he moved to Pará where he had the first contact with the instrument, playing alone, without having a teacher. Still living in Pará he played informally, in bars and in dancing clubs.

In 1993, he moved to Anapolis, in the state of Goias, where he joined to many bands, shows and covers. Soon after he improved his technique studying with teacher Decio Hernandez (GO).  After he dedicated to research and study Brazilian rhythms with master Paulo Rosback (PE), where he has still followed his research and study of Brazilian rhythms until nowadays.

TECHNICAL COURSES: Brazilian rhythms – Teacher Jurim Moreira (2001); Grooves – Teacher José Nilton “Chocolate” (2002); Funk and Samba-rock drumming – Teacher Adriano Andrade (2005); Applied Techniques on jazz – Teacher Kiko Freitas (2008); Applied independence on Brazilian rhythms – Claudio Infante (2009); Brazilian Rhythms II – Teacher Jurim Moreira (2010); Jazz drums study – Teacher Enrico Carinci (2012).

My Cymbal

I chose the Orion Cymbals Mainstream, which a series with lapidated cymbals and open sonority, quick, subtle and will defined. These are the characteristics that allied with the versatily of this series allows me the sound comfort that I need to develop my work.

Setup Orion