Andrés Torres

Andres Torres has been playing the drums for over 19 years. He began his career in high school with a school band that played covers. His influences in music are Dean Castronovo, Snowy Shaw, Gene Hoglan, Mikkey Dee, Paul Bostaph, Dave Lombrado, Pete Sandoval, Tomas Haake, Scott Travis and Raymond Herrerra.
Nowadays he plays with the band lox Mox! and The Shrink, besides doing some gigs with others musicians, in pop, heavy metal and cover bands.

My Cymbal

The set up Andreas uses is basically of cymbals for an aggressive and heavy sound. The 3 cymbals from X10 series are explosive and unique, alongside the cymbals from the Rage Bass series, he can raise the volume and have the aggressiveness he needs to play.

Setup Orion