Carlos Pial

“I classify my sound like a bit of everything, called word music (description created in the late 90s, describing the combination of musical instruments in the different regions of the world).

Brazilian music to Latin- Afica, with clear reference to everything I consider good.

I use from electronic loops to diverse effects, within a contemporary and fiverse sonority.

I am a percussionist / drummer who had the audacity to leave the kitchen (rhythm maintenance) and come into the room (people who improvise compose and create).

My Cymbal

Six years ago I met Orion Cymbals, and I identified with all its sounds.

I use until today some old series that I find wonderful, as the tupã board, china Exotic Brazil and the gong. But like any great company Orion is always evolving and creating new lines and other sounds. It has come to create wonderful lines of refined cymbals as the Mainstream and Bex.

The cymbals that I use both in my shows and in recordings, always getting bright and elegant sonorities.

Setup Orion