Daniel Moscardini

Daniel Moscardini, drummer, teacher, clinician, producer and product specialist. Resident in Brasília / DF, Daniel is director and professor of IDM, a drum school specialized in Rock and Heavy Metal, where more than 300 students from 2014 have already passed.

He developed his own methodology, where he shares his experiences and advanced language within the musical Rock, market in which he has been working for more than 20 years. In addition, the IDM also offers all the fundamental education (practical and theoretical) needed for any drummer in training.

In 2014 he released his first DVD, titled “Metal Techniques”. Record sales, the video lesson that is already in its third press and for being found in the best stores of educational material in the country. Demystifies all the secrets of the two bass drums and approaches a series of exercises for endurance and speed in an unprecedented way.

Already in 2019, Daniel launches in Los Angeles, in the biggest musical fair of the world, the NAMM, his first method of studies, the “52 weeks of double pedal”. The method contains 9 modules with varied themes, each with 6 weeks of exercises, creating a line of reasoning with a duration of one year, allowing the student to learn double-pedal play quickly, intelligently and effectively.

As a clinician, Daniel Moscardini has a very representative and consistent work. He has already taken his workshop / masterclass to different parts of the country, always approaching themes from his experience as a drummer, performing his own songs and divulging the marques he represents.

His musical projects are: Fleshpyre (main band), P.U.S and Soda Sound (weddings and graduations). As a contracted musician: singer Mariana Camelo, Elvis Band Brasil (tribute) and band Hemera. Also acting as freelancer in recordings of artists of the region.

My Cymbal

Currently my set-up in 2013 has different series, including X10, Revolution 10, both Bronze B10 alloy, Revolution-Pro and Rage Bass, made in Bronze B8 alloy. I’m in love with everyone, and they are indispensable in my shows, workshops and recordings. My favorite at the moment is the Mega Bell Ride 22″ series X10, with a high and defined sound, it fits perfectly into the sound I’m looking for.

Setup Orion

China 18” – X10
Crash 18” – X10
Crash 17” – X10
Hi Hat 14” – X10
Stack Mini China 11/2”Solo Pro  e Splash 10” Rev Pro
Splash 10” – Rev 10
Hi Hat aéreo 14” – X10
Crash 18” – X10
China 18” – Rev 10
Mega Bell Ride 22” – X10
China 16” – Rev 10