Douglas Bueno, better known as (Douglinhas Batera). Professional musician, artist Solo /  a teacher from Sorocaba / SP, working in the secular and gospel scenario, currently has recorded a series of video / class for beginner drummers (every 15 days a new video comes out), working on his new project Douglinhas Work Tour , performing Workshop and Master Class. Douglinhas has excelled as a teacher and at performing in many Musical Events in its Music Institute.

My Cymbal

Being in this Orion Cymbals family is very good. These cymbals surprise me every day, every style played, every recording, they are always sensational, from Rock to Jazz! They are Celebrity Twenty. Solo 20, X10, 10 Revolution, Rage Bass, Mainstream. They are perfect for any musical style. I can say that I found myself in my cymbals sound … This is my sound, These are my cymbals, This is my style.

Setup Orion

Flex Hat 14″ – WS
Top Hat 14″ – WS
Bottom Hat 14″- WS
Ride 20″- WS
Crash 18″- WS
Crash 16″- WS
China de 16″- WS