Eduardo Nicolini

I like to play fast and heavy sound, and I’ve been playing in metal and hardcore bands since 85. After 10 years of playing in some metal bands, I entered the Nitrominds hardcore band, in which I was a drummer until the end of the band in 2012 . I played also for 3 years in the thrash metal band Musica Diablo. Currently play in thrash / death metal in “VOODOOPRIEST” and grindcore band “CRUEL FACE”. And I have in the cymbals “ORION CYMBALS” the perfect tone and the appropriate volume for all situations that I need when I’m playing a fast and aggressive sound.

My Cymbal

My cymbals range from the versatility of the Revolution Pro to the explosion of X10, and  from the quick responses from Solo Pro, through the aggressiveness of Rage Bass, and coming to the brightness provided by the Revolution 10. And it was in 2004, when I started this successful partnership with ORION CYMBALS, that I discovered that I no longer needed to worry about one of the major drum components, as I had found everything I needed, and a little more, in its complete line of cymbals.

Setup Orion