Leandro Ferreira

Born among musicians, he began to show his skills at the age of six when he played zabumba and accompanied his father (who is an accordionist) at family parties. Soon, he found on drums the best way to express himself in music.

Over the years he has participated in bands of different styles. He has recorded and recognized work in the band Savant Inc (from 2009 to 2014). He recorded two EPs, performed presentations all over Brazil and participated in major festivals. Currently, Leandro is a drummer for Gloria, a São Paulo band formed in late 2002.

My Cymbal

The versatility of Orion dishes makes it easy to choose my set in every situation,
be it on the road or in recordings.
Currently with Gloria I use the X10, Rage 10, Rev 10 and Solo pro 10 lines.
A mix of bright tones and dense weight to get the best feeling from every sound!

Setup Orion

Hit Hat 14″ – X10
Splash 08″  – Rev 10
Splash 10″ – Rev 10
Crash 18″- X10
Crash 18″ – Solo Pro 10
Ride  20″ – Rage 10
China  18″ – Solo Pro 10
China  18″ – Rage 10