Mateus Zani

Mateus Zani currently works in several areas. In the studio he records for several artists of the most varied musical styles, in the road he works with the duet Tom and Arnaldo, the gospel singer Davy Maia, and producing the duet shows of Luana Marques and Juliano, of the singer Leonardo Souzza. Also currently working on finalizing its album which had participation by Michel Leme, Eduardo Machado and others and continues giving workshops and doing shows with Mateus Zani trio. Mateus Zani also teaches drumming lessons at the Institute Feeling, a large school of music, of the Minas Gerais southwest which is licensed by EM&T.


My Cymbal

On the road I use: A hi-hat X10 15 “, I like it very much as it is a hi-hat that has an open sound and its bass brings a good balance in the sonority. I use BEX 16 attacks.” And 18″ that since the first time I tested them I was in love. They have controlled attacks and well-defined tonal areas. I use a splash mainstream 10 “, and a stack which is the aggregation of a splash solo 6” with a mainstream splash 8 “. upside down the result of this union was a wonderful sound. I use a china exotic moon. I use this china for so long that the sound of any other china makes me feel uncomfortable, I got used to the sound of this trash cymbal and it it is very controlled, to finish the ride I use is a prototype I’ve had for more or less about 4 years and it is a 19 “, is a ride with hammering above and below the shape, has 3 different tonal areas and different types of turning, it is one ride I take this very Dark ride for the shows, DVD recordings finally the sound of it became my signature, I can not play without this ride. And I owe it all to Orion Cymbals.

Setup Orion