Michelle Abu

Over my 19-year career, I have always worked with several bands and artists from different places, ranging from rock to mpb, also touring the instrumental music and children’s music. Lobao, Ira and Arnaldo Antunes (rock); Maria Alcina, Marcia Castro and Elza Soares (MPB); Palavra Cantada and Idols Kids (children); among many others. For each work I use a different set; all this, plus the musical diversity, made me expand and enrich my work.

My Cymbal

I always liked cymbals with deep bass and long sustain. I’m in Orion for 10 years and I still have with me the old series like Strondo and Exotica, that I love. With the arrival of Celebrity vinte came a more refined and defined sound. So mix these 3 sets to give a personal timbre to my sound.

Setup Orion