Renan Garcia

Renan Garcia was born in a house surrounded by samba instruments on all sides, and his interest in music came as early as his childhood. At age 10 he won his first drums, at age 12 he already had a band and at the age of 15 he was already on the road.
After playing in some bands of the São Paulo underground circuit, in 2010 joined the band Bullet Bane which remains to this day.

The 15-year road gave Renan the baggage of 3 records recorded with Bullet Bane, singles, DVD and live album as well as other albums of bands that were part or that was contracted. In the last 10 years he has been touring many times in Brazil, and also sharing the stage with countless international bands.

Currently, in his most recent work with Bullet Bane, Renan has shown great versatility as a musician, bringing along the speed and weight of Hardcore drum lines with crisp influences from Funk, Jazz and Progressive music. With a lot of personality in his creations, the drummer naturally transitions between the most varied styles, from light to heavy, from simple to complex, proving in practice that what matters is that music is played and felt body and soul.

My Cymbal

I’m currently using a mix of rows. The main base is Celebrity Twenty, because I really like the timbre and the versatility of using it in high and low dynamics giving me many options during the songs.
I also use the Solo 20 line crash and the MS line giving me brightness options during the songs, and with that I set my set according to the proposal I desire.

Setup Orion

Hi-Hat 14″ – Celebrity Vinte
Crash Ride 19″ – Celebrity Vinte
Ride 20″ – Celebrity Vinte
Crash 18″ – Solo 20
Crash 18′ – MS
Ride Attack 19″ – MS