Tom Zé Bortoloto

My sound is characteristically related to the style of each musical situation I experience.  At Conservatório de Tatuí (Polo de S. José do Rio Pardo) and at Conservatório de Poços de Caldas, I teach and apply my line of research on unification between drums, popular and symphonic percussion, always leaning on the variety and quality by Orion.

My Cymbal

My cymbal: I use several Orion cymbals on my drumming set, mixing with popular percussion and also look for proper sounds for symphonic works and contemporary percussion. I find the balance I need in the lines Revolution Pro, Revolution 10, Mainstream, X-10, Strondo and Exótica. I feel good playing Progressive Rock, Rock’n’roll, Fusion, Jazz, Brazilian music and general percussion. My story with Orion began in 1999.

Setup Orion