Tá Sabendo?

How to amplify drums in shows?


There are always doubts about amplifying the drums at live shows. Here are some tips on how to do this and have positive results for you to munch on!

At first, you need to keep in mind that there are different types of microphones and different soundtrack pickups. There are microphones that pick up more bass sounds, others pick up medium sounds, and others get higher pitches. You need to go to some specialist store and get some tips on this.

A good option for the complete capture of the battery is the use of microphones:
Instrument / Microphone Type
1 – Bumbo – serious;
2 – Box – medium-high;
3 – Tons – medium-high;
4 – Deaf – medium;
5 – Chimbal – acute;
6 – Dishes – treble.

The bass drum emits low frequency sounds also known as bass sounds. It is the most serious instrument of the whole battery. So choose microphones that better capture this type of sound. The positioning of the microphone is also very important. In this case, position the microphone inside the kick drum so as not to interfere with external noises. If it’s in the studio, it’s okay to keep the microphone out of the kick, because the noise is minimal.

The box promotes mid-high frequencies, so I opt for a microphone with this type of pickup. Position the microphone on the case so it does not interfere with the drumsticks. In the upper corner opposite to you is a good positioning.

Tones and deaf promote medium frequencies. The hi-hat and cymbals promote high frequencies. Choose microphones that support this.

There are also ways to save on the amount of microphones. You have the option to use only one microphone to pick up the hi-hat and box together. Or use a single microphone to pick up the deaf and the driving plate. Just remember to leave the microphone equally spaced to these two instruments so as not to favor the capture of one to the other.

Now it’s up to you! If you have any questions, you should seek the advice of an expert to help you.