Tá Sabendo?

Battery games are becoming more and more common. Follow it.


It is clear that the arrival of technology has been helping musicians around the world. With smartphones and tablets connected, any musician has great access to study materials, exchange relevant information and even listen to the music collection of the most different bands. This is undeniable. However, another wave has been gaining strength in games. In this case, let’s talk about battery games.

There are numerous battery games found on search engines such as Google or Bing. Do a quick search and see.

These games are taking over the social networks and making the heads of young people with handsets. However, what is the reason for so much euphoria in the applications?

The calls are quite suspect: “Learn to play drums in a few minutes!”, “Drums real! Make your music already,” Get ready for your show “, and so on. Will smartphones really take the place of real batteries?

Of course not, not even close to that. Whoever says things like that does not know what drumming really is.

Drums are years of study, discipline, work, perfection, repetition, lapidation and so on. Not to mention that it is also necessary to play in a group, with band, to feel the energy and motivation. Do not think there is a magic formula and you will be a professional doing great shows around the world! Far from it. However, many may argue: “I use it just for chilling out, spending time.” There it is even worse. If you already know it is a waste of time and still do, it does not make sense, do you agree?
Here’s a good tip: spend this time spent on something useful. If it’s relaxation you need, go for a real kick-back. If it is learning, go study seriously, seriously.

So if you want to learn drums, look for a good teacher, friend, drummer who can help you with that. It’s much better than playing online.

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