Evolution of the bronze cymbals! Engineers has evolved the quality.


Orion Cymbals is committed to innovation and since its foundation in 1999, it has always anticipated key trends.

This time, our engineers went further and raised the quality of our bronze cymbals. From now on, all lines in B8 will be produced in B10, which allows better sound quality and durability.

The Revolution Pro is renamed REV’10 and absorbs its old variation in B10, REVOLUTION 10, gains new hammering and a more balanced and consistent sound.

The Rage Bass Line, now Rage 10, picks up some models and adds a greater range of possibilities to strong-grip drummers.

Solo Pro, now Solo Pro 10, turns the bronze entry line into a high-level reference in terms of starter plate. Versatility and durability already established for those who want to start making a difference!

[NOW IS 10]