Where to do drum lessons in São Paulo?


Why take a drum lesson?

Drums are a hobby for you, right? So why shut me up in a room to take a drum class?
The answer is very simple, the drum is one of the most technical instruments there is.
That means you need to know the techniques to effectively play drums.
this requires much more than dedication, requires study and knowledge to be able to execute the techniques to perfection.

Combined, let’s study!

Now that you know the importance of drum class, where to study?
You should look for schools with qualified teachers and a logical methodology for your teaching.
Also, as we always say, everything you do in relation to the drums depends on the style you play.
It is important to emphasize this point because the schools are different by the style.
In addition to the classes, schools have club characteristics, that is, there are forums and discussions where the drummers share tips and techniques.

Orion Cymbals Tips

Orion recommends some schools with excellent professionals and for the most diverse styles.
Know some:
Bateras Beat: The Bateras is a school with space for all styles, there you can learn to play from rock to jazz.
Learn more about the Bateras Beat.
Souza Lima Conservatory: A complete music school.
In addition to drumming techniques in the conservatory you will also find classes on music theory.
What will make you an even more complete artist.
Learn more about the Souza Lima Conservatory.
Hit Hat Girls: This tip is exclusive for women, the Hit Hat Girls is an exclusively female school.
The girls are beasts in the teaching and for sure you will have all the technical knowledge to be a great drummer.
In addition, of course, enjoy with all the advantages of being steeped in a universe of women’s batteries.

Do not forget, being a great drummer is more than dedication, it is also study and knowledge.
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