Orion On The Road – Follow the journeys of the evolved series to the B10 league!


Orion Cymbals is always tuned in and ahead of key market trends. Therefore, after many studies and tests carried out, the engineers decided to evolve the alloy of the plates in bronze. The Rev’10, Solo Pro 10 and Rage 10 series are now produced in B10 alloy. This evolution will allow greater sound quality and durability of the dishes. That’s incredible, is not it?

To prove that these studies are heading in the right direction, it is not better to hear who really understands the subject: the drummers! For this, the Orion On the Road project was created. A dynamic program that will put the new series on the road and into the hands of the country’s top drummers. These series will be tested by musicians of different styles who have passed their criticisms, compliments and considerations.

So from now on, our bronze dishes will start a long journey through the four corners of this immense country, passing by drummers of different styles. Follow and draw your own conclusions!