Andrés Torres

I played drums for 19 years, and started my career in high school with a band that was dedicated to playing covers.
My influences in the musical world are: Dean Castronovo, Snowy Shaw, Gene Hoglan, Mikkey Dee, Paul Bostaph, Dave Lombardo, Pete Sandoval, Tomas Haake, Scott Travis and Raymond Herrera.
I currently play in the band Lox Mox! and The Shrink. I also do gigs with other musicians, in pop bands, heavy metal bands and covers.

Meu prato

My set is basically made up of dishes to make a heavy and very aggressive sound. With 3 X-Series X10s that are explosive and extremely striking, with the help of the Rage Bass Series dishes I can increase the volume and have the aggressiveness I need to play.

Setup Orion