Ellen War

I’m a drummer, teacher and clinician, I was born in Manaus – AM, I started my professional career at 14 years old, are over 20 years playing my drum there! I started playing drums under the influence of my older brother and at the age of 9 I would tap his pillow to imitate him, to the sound of Slayer, Megadeth, Faith no More, Sepultura and Panther.
I moved to São Paulo in 2009, brought only a suitcase, a double pedal, a splash and many dreams. To get here was a long, cashless walk, fresh from law school, I sold everything I had, being a Pearl Export Mirror battery and some simple equipment to buy my one-way airfare.

I’ve been to cities like Boa Vista-RR, Manaus-AM (Amazonas Theater), inland Amazonas, Belém-PA, Sao Paulo-SP, Goiania-GO, as well as international shows in countries like Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

I started my career as a teacher in 2018 giving classes to children and students from beginner to intermediate levels, with emphasis on Heavy Metal and Rock. As a clinician I participated in the 2018 (São Paulo) and 2019 (Belo Horizonte) editions of Girls On Drums, a workshop that brings together since 2010 women drummers and percussionists.

I founded the Drummer Girls Metal Attack, a workshop that will run in Brazil, being taught only by women experts in Rock and Heavy Metal. This project will play a role in deconstructing the idea that the drums are a male instrument and that Heavy Metal and Rock can also be very well played by women. Its main objective is to teach, include and encourage mainly women and the general public to develop techniques aimed at these two styles.

My main musical project is Rebotte, having released an EP, two singles and two clips. The band has been to several cities in Brazil, as well as major festivals such as ExpoMusic 2015, World Rock Day in Manaus, was featured in the column “Scenario” of Roadie Crew Magazine in 2017. We are in the stage of writing our first album that will be out soon.

Meu prato

Currently my cymbal set is mostly from the X10 Series in B10 Bronze alloy, a more robust, hand-hammered series that gives me a unique sound. And to keep up with my style, I still have a 21 “signature Ride Mega Bell from my Master and Professor Amílcar Christófaro, in a perfect inch for my set! For that purpose I use two Splashes Solo Pro, where together the two and make one Stack, plus an 11.5 “Rev10 Series Mini China.
With this series I find all the explosive sound in a controlled way that perfectly suits my aggressive musical style.
I will use this series of dishes in my Shows, Recordings, Workshops and Clinics around Brazil and around the world!

Setup Orion

Splash 08″ – Solo Pro
Splash 10″ – Solo Pro
Hihat 15″ – X10
Crash 17″ – X10
Crash 18″ – X10
Crash 19″ – X10
Crash 20″ – X10
Ride 21″ Orion Squad (Signature Amílcar Christófaro)
Mini China 11,5″ – Rev 10
China 20″ – X10
China 18″ – X10