(Português) Gugadrum

I am Gustavo Gabriel da Silva Gonçalves, I have been playing drums for 17 years and started my career at the Church. I always tried to improve myself and I took drum lessons with: Gerson Gonçalves (Music Producer) – São Paulo / BrazilAntônio Junior – Curitiba / Brazil. Alberto Vargas (New Wine) – Miami / United States

Currently I accompany singers and bands in shows and recordings of CD / DVD / EP / Clips. In addition, I also teach workshops throughout Brazil and teach classes at Instituto Gerson Gonçalves. As I like to work comprehensively, I have also developed my work using YouTube! Among everything I recorded, I separated some that I consider more expressive, such as: Discography:
-CD: Ministry Bless
– Gisele Sioli
CD’s: Ministry of Praise New Life: Paternity
DVD’s: Ministry of Praise New Life: To the Father Who Loves Me-EP Band Effort
Clip / EP: Ccj Worship
-EP: Ccj WorshipAlready the shows were: Relevant Shows: -HSBC Arena (Rio de Janeiro) Adonep: Reach 18,000 people seated – Ibirapuera Gymnasium Congress Apostolic Church New Life: Reach 12,000 people seated-Participation in School Quintuple in Miami’s EL Rey Jesus International Ministry: Reach 8,000 people seated

My Cymbal

I chose my set based on the works I do, from gospel to secular, from pop to backcountry, the MS line has the soft dishes with the velvety shiny tone, while the Rev 10 line that I also use in my setup are shiny soft and with cutting tone , I really like to use it in some situations / jobs, and as an effect they also don’t fail, incredible dishes with timbre, quality and versatility!

Setup Orion

Control Ride 20” – MS
Crash 17” – MS
2 Percussion Crash’s 15″ MS – Que formam meu hi hat
Mini China 11,5” – Rev10
Splashe 06” – MS
Splash 08” – MS
Splash 10” – MS
Stack feito com splash 10″ MS + splash 08″ MS