Julie Sousa

I am a drum teacher, producer, podcaster and entrepreneur in the creative and social area.

Since childhood, I have always shown a keen interest in music. During my teens I studied guitar, but it was on drums that I found myself.

I started taking classes with drummer teachers from different Heavy Metal bands – a musical genre I’ve always identified with – and never stopped.
Later I set up the then only female Doom Death Metal band in the country, the Mortarium, where we played at some of the major festivals of the genre.

In 2012 I created with other Brazilian drummers Hi Hat Girls, the first and only publications about women drummers in Latin America, and which in 2016 gave rise to their current project, “Drum Workshops for Girls!”

For the relevance of the Battery Workshop project, in 2018 I received the Heloneida Studart Diploma of Culture, an award from the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro. In the same year, the project was contemplated by the Active Citizens program of the British Council.
Today, Girl Drum Workshops are held in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Brasilia, Salvador, and soon, Rio Grande do Sul.

I was one of 50 musicians and sound artists selected by the program Asa – Amplified Sonic Art, by Oi Futuro and British Council, in partnership with the British institutions She Said So and Lighthouse. In parallel, he studied Music Business at the Genesis Institute, PUC Rio.

I am currently preparing to launch my new work in music, still for 2019.

In March 2019 I participated in São Paulo in breaking the world record with the largest number of drummers playing booming along with 103 other drummers from different regions of the country.

Meu prato

For those looking for weight and aggressive response, the X10 series is undoubtedly the best choice. Particularly, I often mix with the X10 kit some Solo Pro 10 Series cymbals, such as China and the 16 “Power Crash, when I look for a denser but brighter sound at certain times in the sound I make.

Setup Orion

Hi Hat 14 – X10
Crash 16 – X10
Power Crash 18 – Solo Pro 10
Impact Ride 21 – X10
China 18 – Solo Pro 10