Junior Nascimento

I started my drums in 1992 with a band of friends in the city of São Vicente SP, in 1995 I moved to the city of Macaé in the state of Rio de Janeiro and I stayed 3 years without playing. In 1998 I set up my first band in the city that lasted until 2005, I joined Cervical in 2005, which was already a band with 4 years of road, from 2005 until now there have been several concerts and festivals in several cities and states in Brazil. In 2017 the band is 16 years old, we have 2 discs released and 3 official clips.

Meu prato

I used for a long time the Orion cod would be and at 13 I am faithful to serious X10. I have always enjoyed dishes in large inches and the X10 line catches me perfectly, even because my heavy footprint demands dishes with a great resistance and a great volume, after all and what I and Cervical need.

Setup Orion

Hi Hat 15″ – X10
Crash 18″ – X10
Crash 19″ – X10
Crash 20″ – X10
Ride 22″ – X10
China 20″ – X10