Mateus Zani

Currently I work in several areas, in the studio I record for several artists of the most varied musical styles, on the road I work with Dupla João Pedro and Cristiano and with the band Bipolar I also do the artistic production of the duo Bruno Diaz and Alex. I have an instrumental CD which had participation of Michel Leme, Eduardo Machado among others, minister workshops and I do shows with Mateus Zani trio. I also teach drums at Feeling Institute, one of the best music schools in South Minas.

Meu prato

Well I own a variety of Orions, I’m a true fan of the brand, I’ve been a brand supporter for 14 or 15 years since my first contract, for every occasion I use a set:

On the road I use: 1 15-inch x10 hi-fi, I really like it because it’s a hi hat that fills the sound very open and its bass brings a very good balance in the sound, use X10 attacks of 17 “and Rage 10 of 18” first time I’ve been in love, controlled attacks and with their well defined tonal zones, I use a stack that is the junction of a China Crash of 12 “MS with a Bex splash of 08” on top, I use a low stack that is the junction of an 18 “Swish MS with a 14” pro solo power crash. Ride I use is a prototype I’m wearing for about 10 years it’s 19 “inches, it’s a ride with hammering above and below the shape, it has 3 different tonal zones and different types of turning, it’s a good ride Dark I take this ride to the gravines, concerts, recordings of DVD anyway the sound of it turned my signature, I can not play without this ride, and I owe this a lot to Orion Cymbals.I could even talk about all I use only that in case I would need of a whole page rs

Setup Orion

Set utilizado com João Pedro e Cristiano:
Hit-hat 15″ –  X10
Crash 16″ – X10
Cash 18″- X10
Thin Crash 18″ – Rev10
Ride 21″- X10
China 16″- Rev10

No estúdio e nas gravações utilizo o set:
Control Hats 14″- MS
Control Crash 17″ – MS
Control Crash 18″ – MS
Ride 20″ – Bex
China Crash 12″ – MS
Swish 18″ – MS