Nana Aragão

I have been a professional drummer for 18 years, working as general coordinator of Bateras Beat Music School and the Projeto / Orchestra Bateras 100% Brasil. I am the current drummer of the band Alma Djem, I played with several national artists such as the band Maskavo (5 years), Marauê Band, Mario Veloso (House of Artists) and K-sis (MTV Twin Sisters Band). I have copyrighted work, but I always work as Side Man. What I have played most now is Reggae, Rock and Pop.

Meu prato

I have an 11 year relationship with Orion, I am endorsee since 2008. My dishes are currently from the MS and Celebrity 20 lines. They serve my needs very well as they are very versatile dishes. I can go from rock to reggae, I can have a good volume or a dynamic control without losing brightness and tone!

Setup Orion

Set em B20:
Splash 08” – Celebrity Vinte
Hit Hat 14”- Celebrity Vinte
Crash 17”- Celebrity Vinte
Crash 18”- Celebrity Vinte
Ride 20”- Celebrity Vinte

Set em B10:
Splash 08”- MS
Splash 10”- MS
Splash 12”- MS
Hit Hat 14”- MS
Crash 15”- MS
Crash 16” – MS
Crash 17” – MS
Crash 18”- MS
Swish 18”- MS
Ride 20” – MS