Nô Leandro

I am Leandro and am better known as Nô. Ex Drummer for Dead Fish, nowadays I produce, record and teach drums in my studio (Great Music Studio) and Bateras Beat Drum Institute as well. I play in the band Hardcore DAMAGE, and BRO (Beat Rock Orchestra). I also do the Encontro of Bateras!

Meu prato

Celebrity vinte and X10 a mix of B20 and B10! The X10 are great for teaching. For recording the B20 provide the refinement and high frequencies of the dreams of any drummer / producer.

Setup Orion

Hi Hat 14″ – Celebrity Vinte
Crash 18″- Celebrity Vinte
Crash 19″ – Celebrity Vinte
Ride de 20″ – Celebrity Vinte
Swish 18”- Celebrity Vinte