I have been a professional musician for 16 years, known as “Urôa”, I have worked with several musical styles. Today I am currently working with forró where I am now part of the band “Solteirões do Forró”, in addition I make many recordings.

I have recorded with bands like: Mastruz with Milk, Dorgival Dantas, among others and thus I got my space in the artistic medium of Forró.

Meu prato

I like all Orion Cymbals Series but the one I most identify with is the X10, use Crash 16 ” and 17 ” which are very good and sturdy, a heavy sound. I really like the 10 ” and 12 ” splashes of the Solo Pro series, which has a medium to medium sound with the characteristic of what I do. I use a 11 1/2 “mini china, Revolution 10 Solo Pro, China 18”, a BEX Series 20 “Ride and a Hi-Hat Studio 13” MS Series.

Setup Orion

Hi Hat 13″ – MS
Crash 16″ – X10
Crash 17″ -X10
Crash 18″ – X10
Ride 20″ –  BEX
China 16″ -REV 10
China 17″ -REV 10
Mini China 11, 1/2″ – Solo Pro