I started playing when I was 9 years old. I have been through several bands and projects of different styles. Currently, I play in the band of MPB (Musica Pesada Brasileira) MALDITA, and as well with the king of soul music in Brazil, Gerson King Combo, which are completely different styles, and both give me great pleasure. I do not like and I can not define my sound because music is an endless universe, and sad is who attachs oneself to single genre.

My Cymbal

My Orion Cymbals are like my treasure. I found in them the timbre that I needed to work in any sound variety. They have been successful on stage, workshops or small jams. More than ever it is proven why the Orion Cymbals is a leader and has made me get in places that I could only dream. The impression I have had with my Swish Mainstream are off the wall, the volume and presence of my X10 are impressive and the rest of the team accompanying me, Revolution and Revolution 10. I feel completely satisfied and above all very happy, to be part of this family that grows more and more in Brazil and worldwide. Orion Cymbals!

Setup Orion

Splash 08″ – Bex
Hi-Hat 14″ – Revolution 10
Hi-Hat 15″ – X10
Crash de 17″ – Rev 10
Crash 19″ – X10
Ride Mega Bell  22″ – X10
China 18″ – Revolution 10
Mini china 11 1/2″ – Solo Pro