(Português) Adriano Sousa

Hi, I’m Adriano Sousa, drummer from Belém do Pará.

I started playing in 1994. In 2004 the band Lapupuna opened doors to me in the circuit of festivals around the world and in Brazil.
In 2010 I recorded and played with Gaby Amarantos on the album “Treme” which was nominated for a Latin Grammy. Currently I dedicate the drums and dishes Orion Cymbals to the works with the guitarist Felix Robatto.

My Cymbal

The dish that I use in my set and that I like very much is the Crash Ride 17 “of the series X10 that is sound for any occasion, explosive and controlled, besides being easy to transport in the trip.

Setup Orion

Splash 10″ – Revolution10
Splash 6″ – Solo Pro
Hi Hat 12″ – MS
Hi-Hat 14″ – Viziuss
Hi-Hat 14″ – MS
Crash 14″ – MS
Crash 16″ – Revolution10 16″
Crash 17″ – Celebrity 20
Crash Ride 17″ –  X10
China 12″ – Solo pro
China 18″ – Celebrity 20
Ride 20″ – Revolution10
Stack com China 12″ – Solo Pro e Splash 06″ – Solo Pro