Alex Diniz

I teach drums, percussion and music theory at the Music School of the Catholic University of Petrópolis and with musical experience for 18 years. Graduated in drums, percussion and music theory at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music. I have an article published in Modern Drummer magazine and Drummer Club website, I currently released my first drum book “Basic Exercises in Practice Volume 1” and I am writing volume 2 that will soon be released. I play in the band Elyzion (symphonic metal).

My Cymbal

My kit is very versatile, because I like to vary the timbres of dishes according to the music I’m going to play and I also use my kit at the School of Music of the Catholic University of Petrópolis, where I teach. So doing the students experimented with other Orion Cymbals models. I’m passionate about every line of Orion, because it gives me several options of timbre in that wonderful instrument that is the battery.

Setup Orion

Splash 06″ – Solo Pro
Hi Hat 14″ –  X10
Crahs 16″ –  X10
Crash 16″ – Solo Pro Master
Crash 18″ – Revolution
Ride 21″ – X10
China 16″ – Solo Pro