Amilcar Christófaro

In my band I play metal in all its aspects, from the most aggressive to the most drawn and heavy. To have influence of a good song, no matter what it is, was a wisdom that I acquired with life and that only adds to my drumming and my music.

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(Photo by: Bruno Polengo)

My Cymbal

In the beginning, my sound was like the precise attack of SOLO PRO, then it got somber and heavy like RAGE BASS and brilliant like REVOLUTION PRO. Adding to them, a structured and defined sound like X10 and ending on the present days with the comforting, crystalline sound of SOLO 20. Orion Rules!

Setup Orion

Splash 8″ – Rev Pro
Hi hat de 14″ – X10
Hi hat de 15″ – X10
Crash de 18″ – X10
Crashes de 19″ – X10
Crashes de 19″ – X10
Crashes de 19″ – X10
Crash/Ride de 20″ – Mainstream
Crash/Ride de 20″ – Mainstream
Ride de 21″ – Signature Amilcar Christófaro
China Type de 18″ – X10
China Type de 20″ – X10
Mini China de 11 1/2 – Rev Pro
Stack com 8″ e 10″ – Rev Pro
Bell de 8″ – protótipo