(Português) Anderson Macedo

I have been a professional musician for 13 years. I studied with teachers trained by ULM. I’ve played with Sertanejas duets, Rock bands and other styles. Today I am an Educator at the Beat Alphaville Drums Institute and at Sol Escola de Musica, and I also perform with Classical Queen (Queen Cover) throughout Brazil.

My Cymbal

I grew up listening to and enjoying various rhythms and styles. My Set is very varied, to be able to use in several occasions like Pop, Mpb, Rock, among others. Nowadays I use Solo 20, Revolution 10, Revolution Pro and X10. With them I get an incredible sound and an excellent result in the work I do.

Setup Orion

Hit-Hat 14” – Solo 20
Control Crash 18” – MS

Control Crash 18” – MS

Thin Crash 18” – Revolution 10
Medium Crash 18” – Revolution Pro
Ride 20” – Solo 20
 China Type 18” – Revolution 10