André Dea

I was born in Curitiba, PR, in 1986 and started playing drums in the year 2000. I remember until today that my first lesson was on September 20th, exactly on Drummer’s Day.

Since then, I’ve been through a few groups in my hometown until I joined Sugar Kane in 2007. With them, I recorded three albums, two EPs and a live DVD.

From 2011 to 2016, I joined the band Vespas Mandarinas, with which I recorded an EP, a compact, a DVD and the National Animal disc, released by the label Deck Disc, which was nominated for the Latin Grammy in the category “Best Brazilian rock album” , in 2014.

I was interviewed twice for the Brazilian edition of the modern drum magazine Modern Drummer, the largest of its kind in the world in 2008 and 2014.

Since March 2019, I have been a member of the band Supercombo, besides dedicating myself to the projects Violet Soda and Sugar Kane. I am also one of the partners of Estúdio Costella, in São Paulo.

My Cymbal

I endorse the Orion Cymbals since 2008 and with these cymbals I have found what I was looking for to develop my own musical language.
I have always liked large cymbals, especially because of their sustain and weight, that is why I use the Revolution 10 and BEX rides as crashes. These are extremely versatile models that impeccably meet my needs on the stage and in the studio.

Setup Orion

Hi-hat, de 14” – Solo 20
Ride Attack 19” – MS
Ride 20” – Solo 20
Control Ride  20” – MS