Bibi na Batera

As a baby Bibi gave hints that she would be a child with a strong musicality, when she watched musical cartoons and listened to children’s songs and other styles, her attention was already different, interacting curiously with these types of content.
At 4 and a half years old, we took her for the first time to a musical event where three rock bands played, among them a female band where Bibi was fascinated by the drums.
The band’s drummer encouraged and let her play with it, it was her first contact with the instrument.
At that moment it seemed that she was alone with the drums in the world of imagination, showing her musical gift and ease of playing, wanting to follow the background music, was love at first sight.
The next day Bibi began to insist on drums, Dad and Mom improvised in the form of cake, buckets and others, we put on some background music for her to play, we realized she had rhythm and a fantastic “time” of music. .
After several researches and attempts, we enrolled her in a music school 20/08/2017 Studio Mozart; So we started Bibi’s music initialization.
Something that was not easy, due to the low age under 5 years various schools did not accept.

Meu prato

Bibi is very fond of mixing the dishes, using mixed series dishes to have different tones.
Thus creating your own style.

Setup Orion

HI HAT 13″ – REV10
Crash 14″ – REV10
Crash 17″- REV10
China 16″- REV10
China 11/ 1/2 “- REV10
RIDE 20″- REV10

Splash 08″- MS
Splash 06″- MS
Control Hat 14″ – MS
Crash 16″- MS
Swish 18″ – MS
Crash 18″- MS
China Crash 16″ – MS
Ride 20” – MS