Caio D’Angelo

Since 1994, I dedicate my life on drums for the band Claustrofobia and

Thrash Hardcore Death Metal in all its strands, always influenced by various musical styles to be made with the soul. Learning every day and always looking for creativity and versatility

My Cymbal

I always liked big and tough cymbals, so in my set, the series

Strondo and Rage Bass are indispensable, has a good dynamic and the harder I play, the more explosive it sounds! I use the Revolution Pro series for the softest and more detailed parts! And the X-10 to finish to perfection with the Crash 19 ” and the Ride 22 ” with his mega dome !!!

Setup Orion

Hi Hat 15″ – X10
Crash 16″ – Rage Bass
Crash 19″ – X10
Mega Ride 22″ – X10
Crash Ride 20″ – Rage Bass
China 16″ – Rev10
China 18″ – Rev10