Daniel Barbosa

I started playing the drums playing at the end of the rehearsal of a school band, in which I was a guitarist, and as time went by I was getting more and more into the instrument. In 2014 I started taking the drums more seriously because the band I play currently was having a hard time finding a drummer, so the most viable solution at the moment was for me to become the drummer, and I fell more in love with the instrument.
I like to listen to everything, I like to learn from every rhythm, but my passion for Metal speaks louder when it comes to playing live.

My Cymbal

Orion’s diversity is incredible, it has all the styles, but as I like a sound with a lot of volume and brightness, I found in the “Solo Pro” series the sound that fits perfectly with what I play.
I do not see myself without using Orion, it’s a quality brand that serves the best possible without leaving anything to be desired with gringos dishes, it’s very sound, it’s a lot of diversity, it’s high quality dishes.

Setup Orion

Hi hat 14″ – Solo Pro
Crash 17″-  X10
Ride 20″ – Solo Pro
China 18″ –  Rage bass