Daniel Freitas

I have been a professional musician for 23 years, graduated in Music Education, postgraduate in clinical and pedagogical neuroscience. I have received several cultural awards and positive reviews from the specialized media (magazines, websites, newspapers, television) with my projects in the musical area. I have six recorded albums and several music videos with the musical groups I play in today. In the educational field minister workshops, workshops and drum and percussion clinic, individual or group classes, in addition, I also wrote two methods for drums and cajón and a book on neuroscience of music. As a producer of cultural events, I produced events such as: “Instrumental Music Araçatuba” and BATUCANDO ARAÇATUBA, which was considered in 2016 as the largest meeting of drummers in Latin America. As a composer, I wrote several instrumental works, sung songs and percussion pieces, as well as collaborating with Moder Drummer magazine.

My Cymbal

The Orion MS is a 100% compatible dish with my sound !! interesting sound balance, controlled volume and beautiful timbre. Perfect for any job.

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