Fabio Mendes

I started playing at age five through the incentives of my father and my uncle who are also musicians. I got my first drums at that age and always played with my dad at home. At that moment he introduced me to bands like Black Sabbath, Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice In Chains and soon I took to rock …
At age 14 I had my first band “Incógnita”. We played from CPM 22 to The Strokes … At that time, my influence was basically the Punk Rock of the 2000s: Blink 182, Green Day, Sum 41 plus CPM, Dead Fish, Charlie Brown Jr and etc.
A little later I joined the band RowD and in this project was where I really decided that I would be a musician for life. It was in this project that I did my first shows out of Juiz de Fora and started to study drums in fact.
In parallel to the band, I did some shows with Lúdica Música (my uncle’s project) and I got to know the MPB, Jazz, Samba and Salsa strand. I knew the work of several drummers that I admire a lot until today: Kiko Freitas and Carlos Bala for example.
Already in 2009 I joined the Eleven: 20. I had never tuned in to Reggae and it was in this project that I fell in love with the style … Soon I then moved to São Paulo to try to expand the work with the band. Thank God, everything went well …
In these 10 years of band (until now) I’ve done shows all over Brazil, in Japan and the United States … I had the opportunity to participate in several TV shows and I had the chance to meet several drummers and change cards.
Today, I’m still firm with the band. My influences are a mixture of everything I’ve seen and heard since my 5 years. Some names that come to mind now: Travis Barker, Carter Beauford, Taylor Hawkins, Chad Smith, Neil Peart, Eloy Casagrande, Paulinho Fonseca, João Barone, Kiko Freitas and so on … I try to always know new sounds and open my head for other styles.
There’s a bit of my story up here … Looking forward to the next few chapters.

My Cymbal

This is the Orion Dish Set I’m using on the road. The contrast of the weight of the X10 series with the smoothness of the MS series add to the shining timbre of the China Rev10 a combination, in my opinion, perfect for my style of sound. I recommend it to all Rock / Reggae lovers.

Setup Orion

Splash 10” MS
Splash 8” MS
Hi Hat 14” X10
Crash 18” X10
Crash 20” X10
China 18” Rev10
Mega Bell Ride 22” X10