(Português) Gustavo Santos

I have been a drummer for NDK, a musician since I was 12 years old. I started to get involved with music through string instruments such as guitar and guitar. I’ve been a guitarist at a Christian church for over 6 years and started drumming in 2012.
The passion for the drums has always been the greatest since my childhood, so I started my SpaceDrummer channel on YouTube where I share Drum Covers from artists in various genres.

My Cymbal

I use WS and X10 series dishes in the two Rides set, one of them being a 20 “WS series used with the attack function, the expressive and discreet sound opening of the plate and the 21” X10 series with the driving function. The Hi-Hat preference of the X10 series comes from mixing in the sound between the setting when using closed and the long sound duration and “crispy” tone when using it open, it also uses a Stack with 2 Splashes and the Chinese Cymbal of 18 “like effect dishes.

Setup Orion

Hi-Hat 15″- X10
China 18″ – X10
Ride 20″ – WS
Ride 21″ – X10
Stack com 2 Splashes – um de 8″ – Solo Pro 10 e outro de 06″ – REV10