(Português) Joãozinho

I’m João rodrigues, or Joãozinho Batera, I’m in the Jah Tribe since 1986.
I started my musical career at the blind school in Maranhão, where I lived most of my childhood and adolescence. We started playing at this school in a band we created ourselves called “Rhythm and Sound”.
After this passage I played in some prom bands, until me and Fauzi and other friends founded the Jah Tribe.
In 1991 we recorded the first album “Regueiros e Guerreiros”, currently we have 15 CD’s recorded and we have already toured the four corners of Brazil.
We also toured in 7 countries!

My Cymbal

I use the WS and MS series, they offer me bass, treble and mids when I need them.

Setup Orion

Hi Hat 14″ – WS
Ride 20″- MS
Crash 16″ – MS