Junior Moraes

Born in the city of São Gonçalo – Rio de Janeiro, percussionist, drummer,
instrument and accessory developer, producer, percussion heavy-user
former Music Superintendent of the São Gonçalo Secretariat of Culture,
owner of the “Boys Room!” studio and WashBrothers, participated in
numerous TV recordings, where he accompanied artists such as: Luan Santana, Zezé Di
Camargo and Luciano, Charlie Brown Jr., Bruno and Marrone, Anitta, Jorge and Matheus, Wesley
Safadão, Thiaguinho, Ludmilla, Naughty Smile, Pablo Vittar, Simone and Simaria,
AnaVitória, Nego do Borel, Eleven: 20, Tiago Iorc, Marília Mendonça, Maiara and Maraísa,
Matheus and Kauãn, Marcos and Belutti, Naiara Azevedo, Felipe Araújo, Iza, Lucas Lucco,
among others.
Extremely active musician, accompanied and recorded with various stage artists
among them the band Suricato (finalist of the first SuperStar, winner of the
Latin Grammy Awards 2015 – Best Brazilian Rock Album, with whom he performed
at Sunset Stage of Rock in Rio 2015, along with Raul Midon), the renowned guitarist,
composer and producer Celso Fonseca (also participating in the recording of his two
latest work, one of them produced by Moogie Canazio, with 4 nominations for the
Latin Grammy Awards 2016), singer Monique Kessous, English singer Dan Torres (with
who performed at Rock in Rio 2013, on Rock Street), the singer, songwriter and musician
George Israel (Kid Bee), with whom he recorded his latest CD / DVD, the band MugShot (at
Game XP 2018), integrates the Incredible Roots instrumental trio, where he mixes instruments
considered unconventional, such as Didigeridoo, Weissenborn, loops and textures
with electronic drums and Brazilian rhythms to perform versions of songs
from various sources; recorded for the new work of Erika Ender (composer of the hit
“Despacito”), accompanies and recorded the debut album of singer-songwriter Zanna,
produced by Moogie Canazio and nominated for 3 categories at Latin Grammy 2017.
Accompanies and also recorded the new work of multi-instrumentalist Guilherme
Schwab (formerly Meerkat).
His training and credibility led him to produce tutorial videos, reviews and
product presentations for various companies in the music industry, as well as
teach workshops, trainings and MasterClasses.
One of its main features is its versatility, as well as thoughtful setups and
developed for each job.
Junior Moraes is an artistic partner Orion Cymbals, Roland – Boss, Torelli Musical, Meinl
Percussion, ASK, JTS microphones, Liverpool drumsticks, Edifier and DaCapo.

My Cymbal

My story with Orion starts a long time ago. With the first Solo Pro kit
Master, back in 2000 … Since then there have been many projects, meetings and growth. There is
For years Orion has been impressing with its releases, quality and intelligence in
listen to the musician. I use different lines to suit the different styles of music that I am
called to play. When I play pop or rock as a drummer, the X10 is perfect …
Bright, accurate and present. In the more bossa works or in a sound with
most dynamic features, the MS series dominates … Elegant, controlled and with a
very cute. On percussion, Orion is a tone and amusement park
possibilities … WS, MS, whoever comes … together and mixed … The China Crashes, Control
Splashes, stackability, put me in a region of full tone
different in relation to the battery. Not to mention the Percussion Crashes! In large kits or
in an intimate setup with Cajon as the rhythmic protagonist of the work (added to the
12 “Percussion Hat), they mix perfectly … With drumsticks or with your hands, you
You have full volume control and the projection you want.
Anyway, this is my sound … This is my plate … and much news is coming!

Setup Orion

Splash 06″ – MS
Control Splash 08″ – MS
Control Splash 10″ – MS
Percussion Hat 12” – MS
Percussion Crashes MS
China Crashes MS
Control Crash MS 18″
Swish 18″ – MS

Control Hi Hat 14″ MS
Control Crash 17″ – MS
Control Crash 18″ – MS
Ride Attack 19″ – MS
Control Ride 20″ – MS
Swish 18″ – MS