Lary Durante

Lary Durante, 28, drummer, graduated in Integrated Communication Management and representative of Hi Hat Girls in São Paulo. His journey in music began early. At 10 years of age he was already part of the fanfare practicing percussion and blow instruments. During adolescence he participated in the project Chords of IPADH (Institute of Sugar Sugar Development) where he studied cello. At the age of 21 he joined the Conservatorio Musical In Concert, where his heart beat harder to the rhythm of the bass drum and has never stopped playing since. Co-producer of the first meeting of women drummers of the State of São Paulo at the Youth Cultural Center, with Julie Sousa. Today she is part of two female hardcore bands, and since 2013 she has been producing events, content and conducting drum workshops for women of all ages through Hi Hat Girls.

Meu prato

This is the basic set that I use constantly for shows and events, I really like the crash timbres in particular, short mix the 17 “which is a bit sharper and precise, with the 20” which has an average constant sound giving the feeling of continuity. They are sturdy dishes and perfect for heavier sounds (my humble opinion, of course! Rsrs pro hc punk is the perfect dish!)

Setup Orion

Hi Hat 14″ – X10
Crash 17″ – X10
Crash Ride 20″ – X10