Lucas Gonçalves

Hi, I’m Lucas from Grooveonline, a music-related channel where I have fun doing what I love.

“Grooveonline is a way I found to express everything I love, everything I think in a way that can help people and make them smile.”

Always trying to add the useful to the pleasant to be able to transform the largest number of people and it has worked very well, daily I get exciting testimonials from people who started on drums through the channel is very cool that.

Currently I follow the singer Rebeca Carvalho, I work with recordings, worshops and online classes where during the year I had more than 3,000 students.

As a teacher I taught at CMAB (Conservatory of Music and Art of Brasilia), Destak Musical, Academia Maestro, Instituto Soma among many others .. today I have my space where I teach classes.

Grateful to Orion Cymbals for being part of all this, a brand that embraced me and believed with me in this project, I feel welcomed.

My Cymbal

The set I use is a mix of 3 lines X10, Ms and WS the choice was due to the versatility I need, playing from Fusion to Gospel, I can play both instrumental and pop rock that it suits me very well.

Setup Orion

Splash 10″ MS
Hi hat 15″ X10
Crash 18″ WS
Crash 18″ X10
Ride 19″ Attack MS
Crash 20″ X10
Ride 20″ WS
China 16″ WS