Marcílio Castro Max

In love with the drums since I was a child I started playing in the church at age 15 and after much study and dedication I began to face music professionally in local bands like Validuaté and instrumental with Jean Kesler trio.

I am currently a drummer for the bands Lateral Window, Mr Duke and Duplex.
Music producer Allyne Conrado and Altec Studios and The House with producers David Scooby, Igor Barreto and Wellington Torres.

My Cymbal

The line of MS dishes are my favorite dishes because they give me the perfect alignment of dynamics, volume and timbre for various types of work that I do both on stage and in Studio plus a tasteful finish.

Setup Orion

Splash 08″MS
Hi hat 14″ MS
Crash 18″ MS
Crash 18″ MS
Crash 19″ MS
Ride 20″ MS
China 18″ MS