Renato Barreto

I played since I was 13 and started with Rock / Metal. Over time, I have become more eclectic and giving value at every rhythm, adding a little of each to my essence! I am part of the band Madame Zero, participant of Rock in Rio 2015 and Mistureba, present in the 2016 Olympics and Carnaval in Salvador.

My Cymbal

Orion has many different series of characteristics, which is fundamental to my sound, due to its versatility. I often use the X10 kits for heavier sonorities and the MS kits for the more dynamic ones. The Celebrity Twenty models also always print the desired sound, being always present with me.

Setup Orion

Splash 10” – Celebrity
Splash 06” – MS
Hi hat 14″ bottom – X10  + aéreo 14” – MS
Crash17” – MS
Crash18” – MS
Ride 20″ – MS
Swish  18”- MS + Crash17” – MS  (Stax).