Robson Caffe

I am essentially a rock drummer, without further labeling. I like and try to do what is good.
I have been with a rock band called EX4 (EXatamente Qu4tro) for 13 years and, parallel to the band’s career, we develop projects that take music to students as a way for socialization and recovery of citizenship.

My Cymbal

The choice of ORION CYMBALS as my cymbal brand comes from connecting with something that goes way beyond the product. Each cymbal has a “soul”, a personality, and with the cymbal series by ORION CYMBALS I could find sound possibilities that have boosted my artistic inspiration and moved me. By playing a ORION cymbal, I was immediately sure that the search for “MY SOUND” had come to an end. Whether live, on large and small performances or in studio, ORION has always been full of versatility and quality.

Setup Orion

Splash 06″ – MS
Splash 10″ – Rev 10
Hi-hat 14″ – X10
Hi-hat 15″ – X10
Crash 17″ – X10
Crash 18″ – X10
Cup Bell 8″ (protótipo Orion)
Stack com Mini China 11 1/2″ Solo 10 +  Splash MS 8″
Crash 20″ – X10
Ride Impact 21″ – X10
China 20″ – X10